18 October 2012

Introduction, part one

A key decision this afternoon: to pull the trigger on publishing the launch post on this blog. Its been sitting in draft for a few weeks, and refined...and refined...Sure, work has been busy but there is only so long I can procrastinate - the page layout was made to look all pretty a weeks ago, and the page was registered over a year ago.  On top of all that, I've had "start the blog"  on every "to-do" list for over a year...probably longer actually (the other day I found that point scribbled in a list in the back of a notebook I used overseas in 2010).

So, ladies and gentlemen, finally, after much procrastination, here is the first post of the latest addition (at least by in service date) to the gaming hobby-related blogosphere - The Thin Lead Line!

The launch of another gaming blog...hopefully with a longer operational life
So, what is The Thin Lead Line all about? Gaming-related pet topics - miniatures, boardgames, with some off-topic posts (movies, books, humour). In addition to gaming, there will also be some passing mention of cycling and cats (have two of the latter, and I am one of those people that dons lycra and pedals off into the morning mist).

Primarily, this blog is for me to share ideas and to keep me honest. Like most people interested in things gaming and/or miniatures, I have more ideas and projects than physical capacity. So, this will (if I don't cheat) serve as a hobby diary (from planning, through painting/building, to deploying and playing), letting me measure progress, both of my own skills but also the myriad of projects. After all, can only get so much traction writing about the planning of projects...and boy, are the plans grand (more on that later). And, of course, its an avenue to share new purchases and "ooooh, shiny" stuff.

That said, I don't discount any possibility of sharp opinions or a rant or few about a pet peeve or anything other random issue for that matter (probably with an occasional waving of a red rag at a bull) - hopefully it will be at least amusing. And hopefully, between the wry and sarcastic comments and geek-culture references, my posts won't come across as though I take myself too seriously (I don't). This is a hobby, with miniature men, boards and counters, not something to get wound up about (from some forums, you'd think otherwise when it comes down to the impassioned opinions on rules, authors and miniature scales). In terms of posting frequency, hopefully to post up once or twice a week - but the next few will come thick and fast since they are sitting queued in draft form.

A quick "about me": late 30-something, civil servant, living in Canberra (which is the capital of Australia, there is a correlation between being a civil servant and living in Canberra!), and readily admit that I have a tendency to (a) get too easily distracted by shiny things, and (b) spend more time planning than doing (in gaming and...errrr...okay, it comes under "idiosyncrasy"). Right now, I game less than I should, but mile stones are set, plans are made and the brushes are poised...but first some more changes to the font (opinions appreciated btw).

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  1. Great to see you finally got yourself into the Blogosphere Bartek!

    Looking forward to seeing you do something AWESOME with those Call of Cthulhu figs :-)