19 October 2012

Introduction, part two - the butcher's bill

I have to be up front that in the past ten years, I haven't gamed or painted much. In fact, the last time I gamed regularly was with Rogue Trader back in the late 80s/early 90s* - and even then we were making up half the rules as we went along! Sure, there has been a bit of board gaming (Arkham Horror, Britannia) between then and now, but this admission is a credibility hit for someone writing "a wargamer's blog". Right? Maybe. Sometime between uni, girlfriends, and work (work liaisons included), the idea of playing with little men lost its interest (although the interest in military history, fantasy and sci-fi continued on...in the margins). Then, when I thought I was free of the gaming bug came 2003, long dreary hours of shift work which stretched into the early mornings  and a particular auction site...and the rest is less history and more a fixation.

The past decade has seen a build up akin to German rearmament in the 1930s in the form of plastics and metal miniatures, with Warhammer Fantasy being the gateway drug back in 2003 to a more diverse collection since. Work, including two extended trips to a land-locked Central Asian country, has continued to get in the way of painting and gaming, but not planning. And the two trips overseas just fueled the need for online shopping therapy. What remains sits on the bookcase pictured below - a mix of historicals in 6mm and 15mm (mainly ancients, with some medievals in 15mm and Adler Napoleonics in 6mm), what seems like the entire RAFM 25/28mm Call of Cthulhu range (c/o online shopping in 2007), and at least three Warhammer armies. There would be more, but I've actively been selling off things I knew I would never get around too...a lot of which were bought because of the "oooh shiny" factor, discount sales (Wargames Factory and Warlord Games 28mm ancients) and that other great psychological driver - nostalgia (40K, Epic 40K).

the lead mountain...captured on film
I've lost track of how much I have put through a revolving door - bought and sold. But what's there, which forms the foundation of future WIP posts are:
  • Warhammer Fantasy Vampire Counts army
  • Warhammer Fantasy Empire army
  • Warhammer Fantasy Chaos Mortals army
  • Corvus Belli 15mm Late Carthaginian DBA box
  • Corvus Belli 15mm Ancient Spanish: Iberian DBA box
  • Corvus Belli 15mm Early Imperial Romans (lots of packs, enough for 2+ DBA armies)
  • Corvus Belli 15mm Gauls DBA box
  • Corvus Belli 15mm Marian Romans (a bunch of packs)
  • WarModelling 15mm Republican Roman Impetus Starter Army
  • Mirliton 15mm Medieval Russians
  • Mirliton 15mm Teutonic
  • Adler 6mm Napoleonic (French, British, Spanish)
  • Baccus 6mm Punic Wars (Republican Romans, Carthaginians, Gallic, Spanish etc)
  • lots of RAFM Call of Cthulhu, and
  • a mix of odds and ends, mainly fantasy minis (Freebooter, pre-Malifaux Wyrd), 25mm GZG modern minis, 2mm Irregular samples.

 Right, I think that is everything. Well, almost...

* I have a nostalgic soft spot for RT, and the Imperial Guard models from "back then"...in fact, I go as far to say that the uncertainty of the whole 40K universe fluff just seemed more fun. Anyway, I'll spare the history of how i got into gaming and minis - this blog is already as risk of being a biography. But I will say that, Tamiya, Airfix and Esci plastics aside, the first set was the Citadel Miniatures Dungeon Adventurers Starter Box - bought at CanCon 1985 (I think). My first ever lead...it was AWESOME and a gateway drug!

Pic plundered from The Stuff of Legends, here


  1. A great collection you have there - looking forward to seeing more of it!


    PS I'm your first follower!

  2. The ooh shiny has a lot to answer for for many of us over the years, welcome to the blogosphere sir!

  3. That certainly is a great collection, I'll be looking forward to see some of your projects and welcome to the blogeshere!!

  4. howdy lead farmer, happy to take the 6mm bachus naps off your hands. Just checking out the blog now.