19 October 2012

Introduction, part two - the butcher's bill

I have to be up front that in the past ten years, I haven't gamed or painted much. In fact, the last time I gamed regularly was with Rogue Trader back in the late 80s/early 90s* - and even then we were making up half the rules as we went along! Sure, there has been a bit of board gaming (Arkham Horror, Britannia) between then and now, but this admission is a credibility hit for someone writing "a wargamer's blog". Right? Maybe. Sometime between uni, girlfriends, and work (work liaisons included), the idea of playing with little men lost its interest (although the interest in military history, fantasy and sci-fi continued on...in the margins). Then, when I thought I was free of the gaming bug came 2003, long dreary hours of shift work which stretched into the early mornings  and a particular auction site...and the rest is less history and more a fixation.

18 October 2012

Introduction, part one

A key decision this afternoon: to pull the trigger on publishing the launch post on this blog. Its been sitting in draft for a few weeks, and refined...and refined...Sure, work has been busy but there is only so long I can procrastinate - the page layout was made to look all pretty a weeks ago, and the page was registered over a year ago.  On top of all that, I've had "start the blog"  on every "to-do" list for over a year...probably longer actually (the other day I found that point scribbled in a list in the back of a notebook I used overseas in 2010).

So, ladies and gentlemen, finally, after much procrastination, here is the first post of the latest addition (at least by in service date) to the gaming hobby-related blogosphere - The Thin Lead Line!